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 Meet Sara

“When I started selling my tamales,

my life changed”


-Sara Rodriguez

Sara's dream is to share her tamales with the world! She wants everyone to experience the flavor of her traditional Oaxacan tamales with authentic ingredients. Starting from scratch with her mother-in-law, Sara’s Tamales has been in business for over 10 years. What’s next for Sara? She wants to reach her dream of opening up a restaurant with her family.

 Since 2009

Sara has served the Portland Community at People's Food Cooperative Farmers Market with her unique blend of locally sourced produce.


Sara is proud of the relationships she has developed with her community, which motivates her to continue her family tradition and innovate with nutritious, delicious cuisine.



At Sara's Tamales each tamal is hand pressed and filled with seasoned filling before being steamed. Stone-ground corn is used to create her own masa dough.The sauce used for the meat tamales and enchiladas includes traditional mole for which Oaxacan cuisine is known for. Innovative fusion flavors of maitake and shiitake mushrooms are incorporated into the traditional tamal. 

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